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Colour trends in interiors & design

As 2019 comes to an end, its time to take a look at some of the hottest 2020 colour trends that are expected to make a splash in the new year! Incorporating the latest colour trends into your home not only keeps it looking chic & on-trend, it also has the ability to breathe new life into your indoor & outdoor spaces. And we’re loving the colour trend forecast for 2020! Inspired by nature, there is no doubt that botanical colours will be the favourite for the seasons to come as well as neutral tones and calming palettes & a few vibrant surprises. Here are the top colour trends for 2020 as predicted by Decorex and some great design inspiration on how to use them in your home.

1. Neo Mint & Seafoam Green

This new gender-neutral colour has been crowned the perfect pastel pick for home interiors as we move into the next decade. Inspired by nature, Neo Mint and Seafoam Green is a beautiful calming tone. In addition to adding a sense of tranquillity and serenity, this fresh colour tone is also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of living spaces. From kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, there is no restrictions to this cool and calming colour trend. You can also expect to see this refreshing pastel shade of green featuring on more cushions, curtains, duvet covers, furniture, towels, vases and wallpaper in the months ahead.

2. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is definitely one of our favourite 2020 colour trend predictions for interiors and design. Inspired by the depth and richness of terracotta, Cantaloupe is both calming and captivating while adding a beautifully unexpected vibrant feel to your home. It is even said to inspire motivation, risk taking and a more active lifestyle. Thereby making it the perfect summer colour addition to your home! Inspired by melon, this juicy shade boasts soft undertones of bright orange and lighter shades of red and honey yellow. It's chic modern appeal makes it a great choice for any trendy living space. It’s also an exceptionally versatile colour offering the perfect balance between earthy and pastel tones.

3. Purist Blue

Adding to the nature inspired feel of the 2020 colour trends, Purist Blue is inspired by the ocean and sky. It’s even said to instil mental clarity and tranquillity within our homes. The natural and calming nature of this sought-after colour trend as well as it’s ability to introduce a light and airy feel into any living space, makes it the perfect choice for creating a beautiful open plan living feel in your home. In addition to being a great colour choice for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, it’s calming tones translates beautifully in bedrooms. It also pairs well with pastels and soft natural colours such as beige, brown or brighter pops of electric blue and black. Thereby giving you quite a stunning colour palette to play around with!

4. Beige

Beige has been a sought-after staple colour in homes for many years, and 2020 is no different. Chic and sophisticated, beige embodies a less-is-more-approach to interior design, while making a stylish statement at the same time. You can expect to see a lighter beige hue making its appearance on the walls of many modern homes in 2020. It is even expected to replace white walls, even in Nordic style homes where white has always been the first choice. An extra insider styling tip to seamlessly introduce the beige colour trend into your home is to pair it with beautiful, minimalist interiors with just the right amount of texture. Making use of furniture materials such as rattan and textiles in your interior design styling will therefore beautifully compliment the beige colour. In addition to beige, you can also expect to see soft coral and earth tones making their appearance in 2020 aimed at creating a more insulated, calming and soothing effect.

5. Mellow yellow

If you’re looking to make a bold statement while adding some much needed vibrance and edgy sophistication into your home, Mellow Yellow is the perfect 2020 colour trend inspiration for you! In addition to painting a feature wall with this trendy colour, you can also introduce mellow yellow into your living spaces by revamping old wooden chairs to brighten up your dining area or living room. If you’re however looking to ease into the mellow yellow colour trend, smaller accent pieces like throw pillows, ornaments, paintings etc are a great idea.

6. Statement Blue

Blue is definitely making its appearance known as a top 2020 colour trend in interior and design. In addition to Purist Blue, Statement Blue is expected to make quite an impact with bold and unique interior spaces in modern homes and corporate work spaces. Inspired by the nature elements of the ocean and sky, Statement Blue is said to bring confidence and clarity into your space. By pairing it with soft neutrals and beige tints you’re able to create a beautiful and tranquil look and feel that will undoubtedly elevate any living space.

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Image Credits: Decorex Africa

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