Beaded Ornate Chandelier

Beaded Ornate Chandelier

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Matt beads fare hand-rolled by HIV positive ladies to produced ceramic beads from recycled paper clay. Each chandelier  weighs 15 to 25kg depending on size. These chandeliers are simply so beautiful and unique and best of all, home made in SA, and your purchase goes to a very worthy cause. Please note that crating and transport is a separate cost. Prices vary depending on size ranging from M to XL.

Dimensions and prices for non-sale stock:

Medium- approx 500mm wide x 800mm high (R19125.00)

Large-approx 750mm wide x 1100mm high (R24207.00)

Extra Large- approx 1000mm (1m) x 1400mm (1.4m) high (R34385.00)

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