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Home Office on a budget ? 5 simple hacks to keep costs down

For many of us, Covid-19 has necessitated we reinvent our careers and environment.  Working from home becoming a permanent reality for many South Africans, so now may be a good time to create a work from home office space that actually works for you!   To kickstart your creative process, here is a super  Pinterest home office inspiration board  and 5 quick winning tips to kick start the process.  


#1 Consider the Purpose of Your Home Office Space

Ask yourself what you’ll need to accomplish in your office area, do you need to store lots a lot of room for organizing and storing files and work material? Do you need total quiet to take coaching or work calls?   Do you need a clean wall behind you for filming presentations?  
Knowing your non-negotiables will help you determine your starting point. 

#2  Space + Lighting is more important than you think

Ideally, natural light will keep you feeling positive and fresh.  If that isn’t an option for you, a lamp that projects warm, soft light is a good alternative for your desk. I find floor lamps add a gentle warm glow.  Additionally, make sure that you have enough plug points near your desk and surge protector plugs fitted which is much needed in South Africa with intermittent power supply. 

#3  Choose Your Desk Furniture

If you don’t yet have a desk, measure the area you’re working with.  Consider keeping your desk space clear by including shelving nearby (or overhead), or an L-Shape desk with storage underneath. Getting a custom made desk from reclaimed wood - click on the desks below to see more info - can offer significant savings. 

Below are some affordable desk designs (for dimensions and pricing, click here) that could be made to your own specifications to fit your exact space.   Consider having it made in reclaimed timber to keep keep the cost down as well as being kind to the environment.
#4 You are only as comfortable as your chair 
If you plan to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, opt for something ergonomic and comfortable and that will stand the test of time.  Scandi-style  designs are the most popular chairs selling online.   For pricing and information on chairs and to see more styles, click here 

#5  Consider How You’ll Stay Organized

When my office is a mess, I work in the lounge.  Creating infrastructure to manage the space is important to feeling organized - which is the  key to your productivity - they say a tidy desk is a tidy mind.   If you have available wall space, install shelves that fit lever arch files and ornaments, organizers for folders and baskets keep surfaces clear. Here are some great ideas to store goodies.  PS: Cork tiles act well as a pinboard (available at Builders' Warehouse ) - and multiple mounted clip boards to store lists. 

For custom order desks and tables, click here for a free quote now (terms and conditions apply, can not be used in conjunction with another offer)  
Allow 2-3 weeks lead time to manufacture to your exact specification. 

Cover photo from Pinterest-  credit : Coveteur.com
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Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Be Kind
Best Wishes from Amanda Stergianos
Founder and Owner of Vintage-etc. 

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