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Delivery, Returns & Replacements

Payment must be made in full before goods purchased can be released from the possession of Vintage-etc to the client. Stock can be reserved for a maximum of 48 hours without payment after which if no proof of payment is received, it will return to the stock pool. Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to prices of suppliers being subject to change. Similarly, any pre-orders for imports not docked yet, are subject to increase or decrease in price depending on currency fluctuations and custom charges.

All stock is subject to availability at the time of payment.

All items are subject to have slightly different finishes to images due the nature and character of the wood and material of the finished item and lighting in the photography on the website. While every care is taken to supply good quality items, longevity will depend largely on the care of the products. Further Terms and Conditions can be seen here

Vintage-etc’s Terms of Returns,  Refunds or Replacements:

  • If any imported item is not suitable, is to be returned in original condition in undamaged packaging for resale within 5 days of delivery date.  Any transport for refunds are client's cost - and billable at the rate quoted by the transporter. 
  • Vintage-etc does not offer warrantees on longevity of items ordered as the longevity of items depends on how items are treated, how they are stored, stacked and exposure to elements.
  •  Trade/Industrial usage is client's own risk on wear and tear in high traffic areas and that they choose appropriately structured items for high traffic areas - such reinforced items. 
  • Any defects or structural problems with any items supplied by Vintage-etc must be reported within 30 calendar days of receiving our products with images included of any defects supplied by client. Vintage-etc will assist to replace any items with such defects that are not related to wear and tear or maltreatment of items.  
  • No refunds or replacements will be provided after this time unless a discretionary agreement is reached by Vintage-etc which is on a case-by-case basis. No replacements or refunds will be considered 6 calendar months have lapsed on any purchases whatsoever. 
  • Should clients wish for Vintage-etc to upgrade any custom order (only) items, such as resanding or reinforcing if damages are incurred, all transport to/from Vintage-etc workshops or partner sites are clients own cost.
  • Custom orders are payable prior to manufacture and no refunds are offered on items clients have specified on custom orders
  • Vintage-etc cannot be held liable for any damages/breakages sustained by purchased goods after they have have been received by client - any purchased goods sustaining damages or breakages after they leave Vintage-etc or partner sites, are the responsibility of the client. 
  • Clients accept that the person or employee appointed to receive the order or who signs for the delivery has the authority to act for the client.  All deliveries have to be supervised by the client or appointed person. 
  • The client has to check each item on receipt for any damage at and to inform Vintage-etc of any problems within 24 hours of receipt. - If not suitable and if the item is still in the original boxing/wrapping/packaging, arrangements can be made between the client and Vintage-etc to have the item in question replaced or swapped for another item of the same value or more, with any outstanding amount or balance, whichever is appropriate, to be paid by the client, or refunded by Vintage-etc.
  • Vintage-etc will not accept any responsibility for items that are ordered but can not be delivered through doorways or access points for the items. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that items they order fit through the entrance points.  
  • Clients must declare any issues with access points ahead of delivery, it is not Vintage-etc's responsibility to assess access points. Any additional fees incurred on specialist deliveries or access points are billable to the client ahead of delivery (such as ropes/pullies/extra man power / more than one flight or stairs/ lifts that are too small) .  
  • As delivery is outsourced to third party couriers, Clients understand that transport of goods is a cost is billable to Client and invoiced directly to client.   Once an Any returns must be packaged in original packaging, undamaged and in perfect state for resale If a product is unsuitable but in perfect condition, Vintage-etc will arrange refund however, any transport of the said item to the origination of the the product in SA, will need to be covered by the Client at the non subsidised rate. Client can use own appointed courier or ask Vintage-etc to arrange collection.


  • Vintage-etc outsources delivery to reliable contractors depending on location of client, however these couriers do not provide an assembly service
  • Once an item leaves Vintage-etc premises or partner premises, any damages incurred during transport or during delivery, is not Vintage-etc responsibility.  Clients use third party delivery persons or companies at own risk.  
  • If transport is organised by Clients, Vintage-etc cannot be prosecuted or held liable for any possible damages or breakages sustained by goods in transit.Any fee paid for delivery on Vintage-etc invoice does not indicate liability for damages in transit. 
  • If a client wishes to have legal protection regarding transportation of goods, it is recommended that clients arrange their own delivery with their own chosen contractor - or take out personal transit insurance on the goods in question to be transported, should the relevant courier service not offer insurance. This is a client responsibility
  • All products should be checked by client (or their appointed representative) on receipt of goods.