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Try these 4 tips to totally change a look in any room!

So, you want a new look or style in your room but think to yourself "it's going to be too expensive", or "it is such hard work". Think again! 
We have found 4 easy tips to completely change up a room, yes you heard us, 4!


Scatter cushions and blankets

We totally love this, going into winter it is so easy to add some colour in to your room with a big fluffy blanket, or a beautiful knitted throw. Not only does this help you to add colour, it helps to add visual interest with textures and patterns. 

Decorating Tip: 60 - 30 - 10
When decorating a room we use this rule, where 60% is your main colour, 30% secondary colour and 10% being your accent colour. 


At first, you may not see your drawer or cupboard handles as a big deal. However, these are little things that make a big difference!

An effortless way to go from vintage to modern or modern to vintage. You can go for a brass finish, a modern copper or even matte black. Remember to ensure all drawers or cupboards are changed in the space to complete and tie the look together. 

Plants or flowers

Every space should have plants! Plants act as a neutral element to your space, they add visual interest without drawing attention away from your statement pieces and they can even add a pop of colour!

When choosing a plant remember to take into consideration the space you are working with. How much sunlight does it get, think of the maintenance you are willing to put in to caring for the plant and get one that suits not only the space but your lifestyle. 

Note: If you have pets, please make sure you check poisonous houseplants for pets! 

Decor Pieces

The purpose of decor pieces are purely visual, the style you are trying to achieve for the space is easily finished off by adding a decor item to match. When choosing decor pieces, it is best to look for variety. Find items that vary in colour, size and shape. Arrange them in groupings to ensure their placement feels purposeful. 

We hope this has inspired you to get decorating!

With love, Vintage-etc