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10 Trends for Home Interiors in 2022 (ideas worth stealing)

10 Design Trends for 2022 (ideas worth stealing) - decor blog post by Vintage-etc

As we gallop into every new year, I set myself an annual challenge to guess what is going make a little more noise the decor industry in the next 18 months. Lucky for me, last year's predictions came through, so let's see if I can do this again.

But first... 

There are three key factors that have informed these 10 trends : 

A :There is nothing like a two year global pandemic to turn our little worlds upside down to make us rethink our priorities. We work from home, have zoom meetings, home-school kids, social distancing - this has all created a necessity for our homes to be multi-functional spaces that can be a place we hustle,  earn, create, teach, eat and get fit (and still like to be there).  

B: The digitally savvy Gen Z and Millennials far outspend their parents when it comes to online shopping.  No longer are buyers insisting on seeing show rooms, they check your reviews and buy online confidently,  but with that spending power, they also bring eco-friendly and social responsibility mandates for us all to be kinder and less demanding on the environment. 

 C:  Social media short form video (think Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram Reels) are full of DIY queens in double speed, absolutely slaying home-slash-room-slash-furniture make-overs. Never has it been more possible for you and me to believe we master new skills too .... power tools and all. 

Trends for decor in 2022 - women are slaying DIY - blog post by Vintage-etc

So y'all, let's dive right in!...... 

Trend 1 :   Upcycled Vintage is BACK! 

Upcycling pieces of furniture has become more of an art than a craft.  Home decor enthusiasts are getting more confident to put their stamp of creativity on unique items that create focal points in a room.   The younger generation are far more conscious of the strain buying new has on the environment and the furniture thrifting market is more alive than ever before.  
We're not just talking shabby chic pieces.  Up-cycled vintage could be a real statement that adds soul to a home and create spaces that look lived in and loved. Not to mention kinder with a reduced carbon footprint.
At Vintage-etc, we've seen a major trend to our clients having custom orders made in recycled Oregon, than new timber (gallery here
upcycled furniture ideas blog by vintage-etc
upcycled furniture ideas blog by vintage-etc
upcycled furniture ideas blog by vintage-etc


Trend 2 :  Painted and papered ceilings, take the accent UP 

We wrote about this last year and shared how accent inversions in Europe have been a thing for some time, but we are catching up! Read that blog post here 

Papered ceilings seem to be growing in popularity particularly in nurseries and library or study areas.  

paint and papered ceilings take the accent up_trend blog post by vintage-etc


accent colours on ceilings_trend blog post by vintage-etc

paint and papered ceilings take the accent up_trend blog post by vintage-etc3


Trend 3:   Granny and chintz vibes - deliberately accidental 

As always, my Gen Z kids were onto this ages ago, but I've watched the trend steadily gain momentum to the point that its not just thrifting finds, but you can now find needle point decor in retail stores that caught on, in time (example framed tapestry or tapestry covered chairs).

While Granny's hand me down sofa is familiar and comforting, we are talking a level up on this.   Think of a deliberately composed space with wall collages made up of original pieces that do and don't match all at the same time, rich tapestries in frames, chairs and ottomans upholstered in vibrant florals, crochet knit cushions and wall collages made out of plates or frames.  

Granny-meets-chintz-meet-modern-boho is more the vibe.   What I love about this style coming back in, it all appears to be unapologetically feminine in a very deliberately, accidental manner - here are some examples that the team at Vintage-etc has pulled together for you. 

 Granny and chintz decor is here for 2022, blog by vintage-etc

Granny and chintz decor is here for 2022 - blog post by vintage-etc

Granny and chintz decor is here for 2022 - blog post by vintage-etc


Granny and chintz decor is here for 2022 - trend blog by Vintage-etc

 This style works particularly well in children's bedrooms - e.g wrought iron beds, tassles and pom-poms and vibrant primary colour accents  (new blog post coming soon) 



Trend 4.  Mid Century Moodiness  - with peacock accent colours 

Mid-century furniture and colour palette is what seems most popular according to various blogs, magazines and popular stylists.  This is where Scandi design is morphing into something a little more moody.   It has elements of richness (velvet for example ), earthy tones and also pops of colour. Orange and yellow compliment the darker accents. Mid century furniture tends to finish at "lower" height and legs are slender and taper to the ends.  

Special mention must be made of yellow and orange sofas and occasional chairs- these are in hot demand and what was once a brave choice, now a "normal" choice. 

Some great examples here  .... 

Mid century colour palette- trend blog by vintage-etc


Mid century colour palette- trend blog by vintage-etc10


Mid century colour palette- trend blog by vintage-etc

Mid century colour palette- trend blog by vintage-etc


Trend 5:  Multi-functional spaces - it just makes sense 

Since Covid hit, there are some new ways of living that are definitely here to stay. Our homes have to lend themselves to be multi-functional spaces that can be a place we hustle,  earn, create, teach, eat and get fit and craft.

The pandemic has also taught us to make do with less....and to make do with less space too. So while we may not have a dedicated room for a study, there are some very clever ways of creating study nooks to accommodate the new normal. 

Steel dividers is a whole topic on it's own - that we wrote a blog post dedicated to this trend a while back - see great examples here  

Multi-functional spaces at home - steel dividers

Multi-functional spaces at home - study nooks - vintage-etc blog

In Europe, space is such a premium that everyone uses every inch of their space wisely. Here in South Africa, we tend to be a bit more spoiled for space - but this luxury of separate work spaces is on it's way out.  

Do you have an area in your garden you can convert into your own art studio, gym, writers corner, therapy room?  It really is the new normal and with a little bit of effort, it can be every inch the space you can be proud to bring clients. 

Multi-functional spaces at home - shed conversions to workspaces


(Continued ) Multi-functional space to host travellers

According to the New York Times, the post pandemic travel wreckage is emerging with a steady pulse for the travel starved.  Home rentals have out performed hotels in 27 global markets.  With travel back on the cards to South Africa, Air BnB is once again thriving. I myself have rented out my home in Cape Town for nearly 3 months over the season to various international travelling groups. In the five years since I listed our home, this is the busiest my inbox has ever been.  I for one, will definitely be creating another space via a garage conversion with a little mezzanine bed space for two travellers OR I will use that for us to move into while we rent out our bigger space.  

It just makes sense. Yes? 

Multi-functional spaces at home - garages into Air BnB's

Converting garages into Air BnB's - vintage-etc trend blog 


Trend 6:  Bright Accents Pieces : Setting Sun & Rising Moon 

This trend here is my wildcard for this blog, I am guessing that primary coloured lacquered Asian-influence accent pieces are making a come back.  I don't think it will always be the "real deal", but the style will be borrowed and transferred onto similar and mid-century style pieces. 

Asian influence_primary colour accent furniture is back_blog by Vintage-etc

Asian influence_primary colour accent furniture is back_blog by Vintage-etc2

Trend 7:  Doodles and wallpaper 

We see the jungle and botanical print theme fades back, the bold oversize whimsacle florals are pushing through.  Even half a wall of bold floral paper can change a room in an instant. It is key to team this concept with neutral furnishings, decor and floors if you want the space to remain peaceful.  

 wallpaper trend blog post by vintage-etc1

We also see the emergence of Picasso- style wall art (doodle faces seem popular) and clever black and white wall murals. This doodle effect can work really well in offices, children's spaces, galleries, doctors rooms and bathrooms.  

wallpaper trend blog post by vintage-etc2

wallpaper trend blog post by vintage-etc3


Trend 8: Wall panelling behind beds and in entrance halls 

 Made hugely popular by the new series on Netflix called  Dream Home Makeover ( featuring husband and wife duo Syd and Shea McGee’s design studio) - nearly all the episodes feature these accent walls. Liven up  dull hallways by converting it into a utility area, or decorate the back of your bed, or simply use it to create partitions in one big space -  by sectionalising it with wood panels. Once painted it acts as as a backdrop to study desks, headboards or in the “boot room”. It works really well to bring on masculine energy into a room if painted darker colours . 

wall panelling trend blog post by vintage-etc3

wall panelling trend blog post by vintage-etc


Trend 10. Crushing on Cane (and rattan)  

I saved my favourite trend for last.  I first noticed this big come back 12 months ago, and it was hard work convincing our clients to consider rattan is the cool again.  Now it seems that our clients can't get enough of it, but as it is not really mainstream in retail stores yet, so we are creating similar like this for clients from photographs as custom orders  (see some examples below) .

What I like about this 1980's revival, is that it is earthy, grounding, environmentally more friendly than chopping trees, but also (importantly) - remote control receivers work through the rattan doors to the electronic units behind. Everything from media cabinets, bedside tables, vanities and booze cabinets,  are right on queue and asking to be "rattanised" to soften the edges.

(PS: Team rattan and cane with oversized leafy plants in baskets) 

Rattan and cane insets are back - custom orders - blog by vintage-etc5

Rattan and cane insets are back - custom orders - blog by vintage-etc6

Rattan and cane insets are back - custom orders - blog by vintage-etc7

<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2291/2203/files/Rattan_and_cane_insets_are_back_-_blog_by_vintage-etc_480x480.png?v=1645522942" alt="Rattan and cane insets are back - custom orders - blog by vintage-etc8


There you go 10 of my predictions in a nutshell !  Please share this with a friend if you found it useful, it is so appreciated when you spread the effort and helps us grow our reach. Thank you for supporting Vintage-etc.com 



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    Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Be Kind 

     Best Wishes

    Amanda Stergianos and the team @ Vintage-etc.com


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