The glass & steel room divider trend – Chic, versatile & bold

Glass and steel room dividers is a hot new trend that has taken the interior design world by storm, and we’re here for it! Due to the rise in popularity of open-plan living, introducing statement-making partitions into modern spaces has become far more common. And will only continue to flourish and dominate our Pinterest feeds. Not only are they chic and trendy, they create the added illusion of bright open space while maintaining privacy. In addition, it can also be used to introduce a unique focal point or some extra definition. All without making a room feel cramped or closed off. An extra bonus is that this unique interior design trend is every but as versatile as it is chic. Here are just some of the reasons why you should incorporate it into your indoor or outdoor living spaces right away.

It adds an industrial edge

Edgy and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames tap into the current trend for all things industrial. Incorporating glass and steel room dividers, windows and doors into your living space therefore adds a cool industrial edge and unique contrast into any living space.

Fills a room with tons of light & creates a bright & airy feel

Not only does this trendy interior design trend add a cool, modern edge to your home, but it also aids in opening up your space. A home flooded with warm natural light and filled with bright open spaces is an absolute interior design dream come true. But not only does it create the illusion of open space, the thin steel framing of glass allows more light to flood your home.

Acts as a chic partition & seamless transitions between rooms

This trendy and versatile interior design trend is great for dividing up and zoning spaces as well as allows you to create a chic and seamless transition between living spaces. All without making your home feel cramped or cluttered. It therefore allows you to cleverly partition open areas by creating different zones. In addition to keeping your space feeling open and airy, introducing steel-framed partitions also adds an element of privacy to a room while maintaining inclusivity.

Beautifully compliments a variety of styles

The glass and steel-framed grid-like room dividers, windows and doors are both striking and minimalist, and can be used to complement a variety of spaces and design styles.  It especially provides a solution for small living spaces.   In addition, their graphic steel frames have a real contemporary feel and therefore add a hint of industrial edge to an otherwise traditional room.

Perfect for trendy outdoor living

Glass and steel-framed partitions and doors are also a great addition to a trendy outdoor living space. They are perfect for framing courtyards, gardens and rear extensions, as well as for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

We definitely hope this inspires you to introduce this edgy modern trend into your indoor and outdoor living spaces!

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