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7 Affordable tips and trends for outdoor living - small changes, big difference

South Africa's summertime is officially here and holidays are around the corner. Here are some great outdoor living space tips and trends that need not cost a fortune.  In this post, we are focused on small changes that create a big difference, we wanted to bring you ideas you could do in a day.

The outdoor space of your home should be an extension of your indoor space. With some planning, it could be a beautiful place to decompress in style. Here are seven quick wins:

1. Mix it up to create the perfect outdoor living space

Matchy-matchy furniture is out, and the looser Scandi style inspiration is in.  Plan your outdoor space just like you would your lounge. Think of resting places for drinks and to kick back and put your feet up.    Scatters, faux throws, bespoke outdoor carpets certainly make it cozy and "roomy".    

Combining organic materials such as wicker, wood, sisal to create your ideal outdoor living space.  Think about including a swing chair as seat on your patio (attached to a strong beam). This Aruba Oak Swing  is made from reclaimed oak wine barrels to stand the test of time. 

How can turn your outdoor space into an outdoor room?


2. Mix up chairs with custom order dining benches 

Adding a bench to your outdoor dining area is a great way to switch up your outdoor seating options. We see a bench on one side being an increasingly popular choice to break things up, but also because when people scootch down, you can fit more around the table.

If you have a longer table (over 2.6m)  consider two smaller benches side by side - which are easier to move for those in the middle.  

3. Warm outdoor lighting is a game changer

Think of how you can introduce warm, low-level garden lights to your outdoor dining area.  When you choose bulbs, choose warm yellow, not harsh white light. With LED strips, also choose warm, not white.  Look at this clever idea with a repurposed vintage ladder.  Waterfall,  fairy lights and consol jars with candles create whimsical spaces and is absolutely worth the effort.

4. Custom-made outdoor dining tables to create more affordable solutions 

Traditionally, outdoor furniture has been very expensive, but there are cost saving ideas on outdoor tables.  When our clients have limited budgets, we often suggest they opt for tables with 70mm borders (as per image above) as that way less timber is used than 70mm solid top tables and you'll have savings of up to 30%.   If your table is on a covered patio, you can easily use reclaimed Oregon, which is also kinder to the environment!  Get it stained to warm Oak or lime-washed to light white for the holiday vibe.  If your table is exposed to the elements like harsh sun, rain and wind, we do recommend hardy wood .  Always reseal your outdoor tables once a year for longevity.  See some more ideas here

5. Dark backdrops makes greenery pop

Cosy outdoor spaces have become an extension of our indoor space by introducing chic and comfy outdoor chairs and sofas.  Think swings, rugs and scatters - under covered areas into your outdoor space.  This way you can enjoy stylish outdoor living regardless of the time of year, not to mention to reclaim the indoor space while you send half your noisy folk outside during the holidays to get off Netflix!   The hanging planters look great, especially against charcoal backdrops 


6. Fire pits create social spaces

What we love about the firepit is that it seems to be the place people gather to talk. Watching the flame is somehow mesmerising, time passes and we forget about "doing" and move into being present.  Other than the odd Chardonnay while decompressing after a long day,  I love to listen to teenagers chat with their friends over marshmallows, I get a glimpse into their world!  Firepits do not need to be complex with sunken seats and concrete benches, a very simple version can be installed in one afternoon.  

 7. Outdoor mirrors finish off a patio

Mirrors are the easiest and most under-rated quick fix for upgrading your outdoor space. Not only does it reflect the greenery for smaller spaces, but it starts feeling more homely too.  

What I especially love is how clever this gardener is by putting a mirror behind painted trellis to create a the illusion of depth and double up on greenery.  A great idea for flats with balconies and small terrace gardens. (credit to @designsponge)

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