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Island Style - Design Inspiration in Ibiza (10 out of 10)

This is most certainly one of our top design inspiration posts this month. We want to visit Ibiza and stay in THIS house. It is been upgraded so tastefully, without looking overly decorated, something which every decorator hopes to achieve -  so we will try not to gush... 

What we found impressive, was the decorators ability to stay with the traditional  look of the homes in Ibiza, which is Spanish style villas with textured white walls, colourful tiles and timber supports - but bring in Scandinavian modern elements. 

Whilst white walls are kept white throughout the home, accent pieces and statement chandeliers are brought in to add character. Reclaimed timber benches, live edges on tables and side tables - an oh, the beams!   These strategically add warmth to a mostly white space.  Large windows allows  beautiful sunshine to flood the space throughout the day to ensure a year-round holiday vibe.

Dining room goals!
We can imagine the beautiful dinners and memories made and shared in this space. The dining room table is unapologetically rustic, but complimented with modern chairs.   Wooden beams tie the timber elements together - while copper pendants bring about that local island flavour while being 100% on trend. 

We do love touches, like the cluster of five varied copper pendants at different heights all along the dining table.  The designer has also cleverly used round mirrors, circular pendants and circular nesting coffee tables to create synergies. 


Let's talk living room: 
The wingback chairs strategically placed overlooking the beautiful island views. A nice little touch tying up the loom style wingbacks with the loom style lanterns on the nesting tables.  The fireplace is also oval,  this again ties up with the theme of round and circular room accessories. 


 Throughout the bedrooms, in this dreamy villa, we noticed a very minimalistic approach (why are our bedrooms always so cluttered?).   The use of a low sofas and low bed keeps it Modern-Scandi,  with an accent chair per bedroom.  Tones are kept neutral with accent colour subtly brought in. The clever use of reclaimed cupboard doors breaks the solid white walls and reminds us we are in Ibiza!   

Design and style credit to #LaGrange, you get 10 out of ten from the www.vintage-etc.com team!