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Are bathrooms the new sanctuary spaces?

Long considered a purely practical space, the bathroom is now coming into its own as a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life. And we sure are loving this new bathroom sanctuary trend! Bathrooms have become so much more than merely a place to take a bath or get ready for a day or night out, it has transformed into the ultimate hub of relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are a few ways you can transform your bathroom into your personal sanctuary.

Statement baths

Stand-alone baths have become incredibly popular as statement pieces in modern bathrooms. Often positioned in a way for you to enjoy the view, statement bathtubs also act as a beautiful focal point. Available in a range of different styles, form oversized luxury tubs to chic sculptural designs, there truly is something for everyone.

Light fittings

Gone are the days of recessed halogen lights! Ambient lighting and statement light fittings have become a leading interior design trend in creating the ideal sanctuary bathroom. Strings of pendant lights, wall sconces, chandeliers and even unique lamps are all making an appearance, and not to mention dimmer switches, which are an absolute must-have for creating an ambience of serenity.

Introduce some unique surfaces

Formerly taboo surfaces such as wood are becoming increasingly popular when creating the ideal bathroom sanctuary space. It is also an effective way to soften harder surfaces such as concrete, tiles or stone. Natural stone for floors and vanity tops and metallic accents is another great way to introduce a natural element into your bathroom space. Introducing a feature wall made from river rock or natural stone has also become a leading sanctuary bathroom trend.

Chic, sophisticated and stylish furniture additions

Bespoke cabinetry that provide seamless storage and custom-made vanities that bear more than a passing nod to living room cabinetry are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. But why limit your bathroom furniture to storage racks and vanities? Armchairs upholstered in a quality textured fabric, a bookcase, coat stands for hanging bathrobes, stylishly textured rugs and stunning statement mirrors are all being introduced into bathrooms to create the ultimate sanctuary space.

We definitely hope this inspires you to create your sanctuary bathroom space in order to relax, recharge & rejuvenate, you definitely deserve it!

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Image Credits: Pinterest