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What to remember when choosing the right sofa

We recently got in some beautiful sofas & thought we would write a little post on picking the right sofa for your home.

Remember, a sofa is an investment so you need to think - colour, comfort & style. 

When it comes to choosing colour you need to think of practicality - do you have young children, do you have pets?
If you do - we recommend a darker colour sofa or sofa with a pattern that can hide the little messes when they happen. Also, choosing a fabric that is easy to clean is very important. 

Here are some of our recommendations: 

1. Palo 

2. The Cube 


Comfort - When thinking comfort, you need to think - 
a) Is my sofa more of a sit for a quick cup of tea sofa?  
b) Is my sofa where I binge watch Netflix & chill?  

Once you have decided you can really choose anything that works for your space and your lifestyle. See our examples below: 

1. Dark Knight 2 Seater Sofa

2. Boho 3 Seater Sofa in Light Grey

3. Cube Corner 3 Seater Sofa

Style of the sofa - the sofa is most commonly the center piece for any lounge/living room, so choose wisely. (See terminology below)
Always keep in mind your lifestyle and your space. You need to think what is going to work in your home, don't go for a corner unit/L-shaped sofa where it would land up blocking a walkway, or don't go too small in a large living room. Think smart, think comfort, think luxury! 



We hope these pointers will help you in choosing your next sofa!