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Creative Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

Create a space your child loves to sleep in, play in and work in.  Beautiful simple bedroom ideas to transform a child's bedroom instantly.

My three children love fairy lights and they crave their own spaces that feel magical and "private".    These great trending House Frame Beds will melt young hearts - it is almost Scandinavian in its simplicity - and yet probably more cost-effective (and prettier) than buying a traditional bed frame or a headboard.

Drape it with fairy lights or sheer fabric, or paint it and contrast it against white walls with cool vinyl wall art (such as inspirational sayings, or sleeping eyes). Go the extra mile with funky botanical wallpaper - after all- who said a child's bedroom need not be on trend?   Full marks to the cactus wallpaper and simple wood finish with muted fairy lights and crisp white linen. 

This is a great concept for the very young, tween and teen - boys and girls- and you can dress it up accordingly.  Vintage-etc can make these to order in Oregon, Oak or Ash - or painted.  

Contact us for a quote on your ideal dimensions/style at  info@vintage-etc.com


Images credit: Pinterest.