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Go big - an urban jungle in your home

Converting your home into a mini jungle is a blooming hit!

It is hard to ignore the beautiful images popping up in our feeds, as social media explodes with big, dark green leafy plants in every corner of homes, from bigger spaces to apartment living. Living with live plants means that you are in harmony with nature – feeling more at peace, especially important when you live in a city or in a smaller space. 

Here are 6 considered tips from Vintage-etc on how to successfully incorporate plants into your home.  From what to choose, where to put them, and how to keep them flourishing, even if you don't have green fingers. 


1. Variety 

The most magical part of plants in nature is their extraordinary variety - a concept you can mimic in your home by creating a diversity of sizes, species and colours.  Put them at different heights, not forgetting the option to hang them from the ceiling and create waterfall effects with creepers from high shelves. 


2. One big, statement plant

Do not be afraid to have one giant, big-leafed plant in your home, almost like a big green, much loved pet plant.  These are perfect statement pieces and do wonders in transforming a space - and creating harmony with little piece of nature in your space.

Here are some examples of the best indoor statement plants to grow that are low maintenance. 

  • Dragon Tree
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Giant Snake Plant


 3. Make it personal

Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of pieces that you love. Give your plants personality by playing with their pots.

For the minimalist, choose different sizes of white pots - and cluster those together.  

For the collector, create a more eclectic look by choosing old pot plants,  tea cups and tea pots,  recycled glass jars, and shop at cute little vintage stores for collectable ceramics.   Teracotta pots can also be primed, and painted.  


4.  Cacti and succulents

It is a good idea to choose hardy species like succulents and cacti - but they need adequate light to flourish.  Dark green leafy plants and ferns will cope better in less light.    See how arranging different plant types in a cluster, can have a magical effect.  This arrangement here in white pots, with the greenery placed against a dark accent wall has a transforming effect.  Team that with a round mirror, and you will have your A-game on! 


5. Crawling and wall-climbing plants

Crawling and wall-climbing plants create a super flow. Place these on shelves in bathrooms and above beds, for that waterfall effect.  For a little magic, find dainty battery operated warm (not white) fairy lights, weave them in and out of the cascade, and put those on at night.  

Here are some examples of indoor climbing and waterfall effect plants:

  • Philodendron
  • Hanging Ivy
  • Spider Plant


6. Don’t have “Green-fingers”? Not to worry!

There is no excuse not to “Green Up” – even if you are convinced  that you do not have green fingers.  You can not go wrong, if you follow these tips: 

a.  If you travel often, or simply forget to water your plants regularly; rely on products to help you. Hydrogels and clear/white dry crystals (about the size of coarse salt grains) can get worked into the potting mix. These products can absorb and hold up to 600 times their weight in water and then return it to the soil when it goes dry.

b.  Choose free-draining potting soil and  sure you put some gravel stone at the bottom of your pots for drainage.  Your pots should have holes in them to drain water, so that roots don't get waterlogged and rot.  Also use a water tray, under your pot to prevent water damage to surfaces.

c.  A clever watering trick – buy an organic sea weed liquid feed  that you can add to your water (admittedly, it is a little fishy, but it is wonderful for the plants and the smell goes away after a few hours)

d.  Recycle food! I  know that it works because I discovered this on Tik-Tok myself and now my indoor plants are flourishing. Save all of your avocado pips, avocado skins, and banana skins (potassium). Dry those in the oven on low heat overnight (or on the window ledge) and once those are dried, blend them to a powder in your blender.  Mix this with a table spoon of cinnamon powder (which is a great anti-fungal) and save it in a glass jar.   Work it into the top of your pot plants with a teaspoon,  when they need a bit of a boost. Water, and you’re good to go again!

e.   When your plants look like they are getting a bit big for the pot, either transfer them to a bigger pot (feed your soil first)  - or..... split the roots, and the plant into a second pot - top up with soil and you have another plant for you home, or as a gift for a friend.  

f.  Occasionally, take a bunch of your indoor plants and put them in the bath or shower to feed with food and water. Working them in the bath or shower lets you get stuck in with your little fork, build air into the soil and roots without worrying about the mess you leave behind.  When done, just rinse the bath.  

g.  Try put them outside for some fresh air and natural light if you can for a day or two every couple of weeks - they will regenerate and shoot and then put them back inside again. 

 Go get green! 


Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Be Kind 

Amanda Stergianos and the team @ Vintage-etc.com


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