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How to cheat the cost of raw timber

Custom and bespoke order tables - money saving tips from Vintage-etc

As a post (and current) pandemic effect in South Africa, we are seeing the price of raw timber sky rocket. So how can save the the cost of timber for bespoke or custom order table tops - for dining tables, islands or desks  ?   
This is how... 
So,  when ordering tables, the thicker the table top (or island or desk) , the more you will pay. Important to note, when you ask for a 50mm thick table, remember that you will be ordering 50mm in RAW wood, which is then planed and sanded down, so you will lose a few mm on the raw thickness on a finished item.   
You could start at 25mm, 35mm, 40mm,  50mm, 70mm or 80mm top, you can decide on which size you want - the thicker your wood, the more expensive the raw timber will be for your item.  But there is a way you can fake the thickness fo the table top without paying over the odds for it. 
What you could do, is  ask your manufacturer, to use a "build up" on the table edge. This means that on the outer edge of the table, there is a double slab - or a built up side (see reference images)  that gives the appearance of the whole table top being for example 70mm thick. 
This essentially means that that to the eye, the table looks chunky, but its only the outer edge that is thick - the inner inlay - is in fact only 25-30mm, which is not evident.  This could save you  up to 40% on your manufacture cost, because you are using less timber.  
I do however want to caution you that the  more joins you have on a table top, the more likely you will have wood move over time, as wood is a live matter and it does change with time.   
I hope that is a helpful insight and tip when you get to ordering a custom or bespoke table, desk or island for your space. 

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