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Working from home- 6 office ideas to inspire you

Since working from home is the new normal -  lets jump right in !
1.  Dalmation Wallpaper
Dalmatian wallpaper seems to be a big hit on Pinterest right now, but the great thing about it is that you can replicate this look easily on a white wall with a small paintbrush (for free!).  We suggest that you use nearly black paint, like Rhinecastle from Plascon.  Couple that with a trestle desk, leafy plants and vintage chairs... and you've  got it!    More Dalmation Paper ideas like this on our Home Office Pinterest Board 
2. One Dark Accent Wall - with vintage finds 
We love a dark accent wall,  it is the perfect backdrop for your random art collection - including kids art and vintage finds. Clustering these collections together has become the new cool, especially when framed by dark paint.    
My teenage daughters constantly crawl the markets and vintage stores and just today came home with framed Mother Mary tapestry (feeding a lamb ) in a frame and a retro arty Tin-Tin poster  - arranged in a cluster - its cool.
If you are watching the trends, you will know that art deco is making a big come back!   Pepper your space with an accent lazy chair and a bright rug that includes your accent wall colour.  
Vintage-shopping anyone? 
3  Team clean white with warm wood
We love the simplicity of this clean office space.  Remember if you opt for this look of white floating shelves, introduce a warm wood desk top to keep it from being too sterile, and take some time to style your shelves. Don't be tempted to ruin this area with files and clutter, instead, have a separate storage space (see uniform boxes underneath).   A nice idea in a space like this is straw or sisal rugs with bamboo light pendants.  

4.  Watch your back
When you look organised and professional, you are more likely to land that job, and get better pay!  With our meetings and pitches conducted via Zoom, Google or Skype - consider your background carefully, even stage it.
Accent walls of framed prints or an attractive arrangement behind you of tubular shelving does the trick. Check out some instant ideas  shelving ideas here
5.  Face the L-Shape Desk, the other way.
When your work space is in a shared area, placing an L-Shaped Desk facing outwards may be a good way of creating some privacy. This way you can create your own work bubble, whilst also keeping an eye on the family- and also craft a kiddy free, dog free, laundry free background for those Zoom calls. When you don't have your own space - create it....

6.  Style your shelves
If you have limited space, think of building integrated solutions and use the wall area above your desk smartly (see 4 examples below).  Just remember to keep it styled and uncluttered and put office paraphernalia in a dedicated (other) space.
Another small tip, is that a light or white chair is unfussy, and keeps your eye on the decorated areas, whereas a dark chair would be distracting.

We have included some pictures of recent orders as the 'work from home' trend continues to become the new normal.  Are you extra tall? Let us make you a higher desk. And for the kids and students working online at home, we are able to customise solutions just for them.  
Desks made by Vintage-etc
Pictures of office- inspiration are courtesy of Pinterest, please click here to find the original posts 
Vintage-etc's home office inspiration pinterest board
In our next blog post we will bring you some more great trends, design tips and home inspiration - keep an eye out for it!  

And remember, if you can dream it, we can make it! 
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Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Be Kind
Best Wishes from Amanda Stergianos
Founder and Owner of Vintage-etc. 

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